Ductless Split Systems Price Guides



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Example Ductless Split User Guide

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Home Comfort Flat Rate Pricing Guide Packages & Pricing:

  • Home Comfort Certified System price guide is only $50 per month, 12-month subscription.
  •           Or you can order all (3) flat rate price guide set for $79/month (For only $29/month more)12-month subscription  INCLUDES A FIX-RIGHT REPAIR AND A HOME COMFORT REPLACEMENT INSTALLATION UPLOADS FOR QUICKBOOKS OR YOUR FIELD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.  

  • Fix-Right Repair and Home Comfort Certified System price guide set are Zero-Cost to You.  Our price guides have your customer’s pay 100% of your operating costs.  
  • Our guides and training provide what most Dealers are missing within their call handling on repairs, system replacements, or their ductless mini-split installs.  We can provide FREE and help you implement right-at-your staff’s desktop: 

    1.     An appropriate greeting and introduction

    2.     Soft skill training to be more empathetic to consumer customer’s need(s)

    3.     Script on how best to share a value statement(s) about the company

    4.     Built-in selling to demonstrate knowledge about your product or services

    5.     Script on how to appropriately present with an upfront price resolution of customer’s concerns

  • Note: All our price guides prevent underpricing your work and when integrated in our Mobil Service Manager, prevents losing invoices or making quote mistakes.   Mobil Service Manager is a complete CLOUD BASED OPERATING SYSTEM built on the RazorSync award winning software platform.  Run on any MOBILE DEVICE, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or your office computer.

Ductless mini-splits are expanding in popularity, and becoming true competition to central systems:

  • 43% purchased a mini-split to solve hot and/or cold spots inside their primary residence.
  • 27% had converted a garage into a living space.
  • 27% purchased one to replace a window/portable air conditioning unit.
  • 25% use it for an add-on room, exercise or entertainment center room.
  • 18% said their homeowners association will not allow a window air conditioning unit.

Home Comfort Flat Rate Pricing Business Benefits:

  • Since the customer gets to choose to proceed with a guaranteed fixed price and accurately described work they tend:
    • To be more satisfied that they got value for their money.
    • To gladly pay for the work.
  • Helps comfort advisor/selling tech eliminate the price is too high complaint.
  • Helps increase profitability by being able to charge a fair price.
  • Improved professional image.
  • Provides the selling tech/comfort advisor with professional pricing explanations.
  • Provides the consumer with an authoritative national pricing standard.
  • Enables you to close at higher margins in order to be profitable without alienating your customers.
  • When you quote out of a price guide, the math is already done and the proper spelling is right in front of you.

Key Features of the Home Comfort Flat Rate Pricing Guide:

  • Upfront pricing customized to your business overhead and profit requirements.
  • For best presentation options: upload to your iPad/Tablet or print it on 28# bright white paper, and insert it in a 3-hole, 1/2" white binder, with 6-tabs for you to populate at your discretion with sections for Testimonials and Affiliations.
  • Designed to be used by selling techs and or comfort advisors.
  • Systematically close more ductless split installation sales on all service and sales calls by providing an immediate system price option.
  • Each system explains the energy savings, comfort and reliability benefits.
  • Installation price guide is set up by 1-zone up to 8 zone configuration.s
  • We maintain the price guide cost databases for you.
  • Price book is sent from our Hightail.com account (formerly YouSendit.com) as a PDF format file to download.
  • You can print as many guides as required at no extra cost.
  • You can make unlimited changes to prices, configurations, or system match-ups at no extra cost.
  • You can make additional customizations to your price guide. See User Guide above for more details.
  • Includes online training for the selling tech/comfort advisor on how to use the price guide as a competitive advantage to close more jobs on all service and sales calls.

8-Step Delivery Process Proven to Assure Accuracy 

  1. Customer completes and submits in subscription order form above, the associated price guide financial set-up.
  2. Customer provides their current equipent product line pricing for import in to thier Home Comfort HVAC replacement and for thier or ductless mini-split price guide.
  3. We produce price guide per set-up and will be used as customer's specification on how to publish price guide.
  4. We send price the guide to the customer to the email address provided and as a download file link from from our Hightail.com's email account - price guide download is opened with the FREE download of Acrobat Reader.
  5. Upon completion of Step #3, we also send via email a request to meet with customer to discuss and or immediately adjust per customer's requested updates of price guide's financial or equipment matchups.
  6. Customer submits via email to our customer assigned price guide implementation coach thier approval and acceptance of final version of customer's price guide.
  7. We then send to customer a import file for thier QuickBooks, and or for thier third-party field management software in either Excel or CSV format per customer privded import template.
  8. We solicit customer to unlimited FREE customer’s staff online user training​


Below another ductless brand example.  Today we produce price guides for all ductless mini-split brands.  Simply click on an icon below to view the layout. These are LARGE PDF FILES which may take a few minutes to download.

  •           Or you can order all (3) flat rate price guide set for $79/month (For only $29/month more)12-month subscription  INCLUDES A FIX-RIGHT REPAIR AND A HOME COMFORT REPLACEMENT INSTALLATION UPLOADS FOR QUICKBOOKS OR YOUR FIELD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.